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Liking Their Posts Won't Bring Them Back: How to Handle Your Ex on Social Media

Ugh, breakups. They're the emotional equivalent of stubbing your toe while simultaneously spilling your iced latte – a total bummer. But hey, at least you don't have to deal with the awkwardness of returning library books anymore, right?

The thing is, breakups in the age of social media add a whole new layer of "should I like this post?" and "omg, did they just post a cryptic song lyric?!" drama. Fear not, fellow heartbroken friend! We're here to navigate the tricky terrain of social media post-breakup without any unnecessary tears (or accidental follows of your ex's grandma's cat account).

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Step 1: Ex-etiquette on Social Media

First things first, let's talk about your ex. Do you currently reside in a social media utopia where you and your ex are happily "friended" across all platforms? Here are your options, each with its own emoji for easy reference:

  • The Clean Break (): Unfollow, unfriend, block – the full digital detox. This is a great option if you need some serious space to heal. Just be prepared for them to notice their sudden disappearance from your virtual world (cue tumbleweed emoji).

  • The Cautious Coexistence (): Keeping each other "followed" can be a gamble. How will you react to seeing them post about their weekend hike with, gasp, another human being? Will you spend hours analyzing every like and comment? Tread carefully, my friend (peep at that "caution tape" emoji).

  • The Amicable Alliance (✌️): Maybe you ended things on a good note and want to remain friendly online. Just remember, seeing happy couple pics of your ex can be a recipe for emotional whiplash. Choose this path wisely (think peace sign emoji vibes).

Step 2: The Shared Account Saga

Did you and your ex share a glorious (or slightly embarrassing) joint Instagram account dedicated to your adventures in brunch and baking? Here's what to do:

  • The Curtain Closes ():  Mutually agree to shut it down. Consider it a digital time capsule of a relationship that's run its course.

  • The Solo Takeover (): Maybe you want to keep the account alive! Just make it clear to your followers that it's now your solo show (cue "one-person band" emoji).

Step 3: Status Update Shenanigans

Feeling the urge to announce your newfound single status to the world with a cryptic song lyric or a sassy meme? Hold your horses!

  • The Status Shuffle (‍♀️): Updating your relationship status can be a good way to let people know what's up. But be prepared for questions, especially if you keep things vague.

  • The Private Life Policy (): Maybe you just don't want to deal with the social media circus. That's totally okay! Keep your love life off your profile and focus on the amazing things you're doing as a single person (think "independent woman" emoji).

Step 4: The Friend Zone Fallout

Breakups can be messy, and sometimes your social circle gets caught in the crossfire. Here's the golden rule:

  • The No-Side-Choosing Zone (‍♀️): Don't pressure your friends to pick a team. This is your breakup, not theirs. Let them navigate the situation without any guilt trips (think judge emoji with a big red X).

Step 5: The Picture Purge

Feeling haunted by those adorable couple selfies flooding your feed? Here's your chance to take control:

  • The Memory Keeper (️): Some people like to keep photos of past relationships as memories. Do what feels right for you.

  • The Digital Detox (️): If seeing those pictures makes you want to throw your phone into a vat of queso, then delete them! Out of sight, out of mind (think trash can emoji with a big sigh of relief).

Remember, social media is just a highlight reel, not your whole life. If the whole thing feels overwhelming, take a break! Focus on healing and surround yourself with supportive people.

And hey, if the emotional rollercoaster of social media feels like too much to handle, equalityMD has a team of therapists ready to lend a listening ear. Check out their website – they've got your back!

Now go forth, conquer your social media feeds, and focus on the amazing things that await you as a single person!

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