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Take control of your prescription savings and medication

We’re thrilled to offer members, friends, and partners of our inclusive telehealth community full access to the equalityMD Prescription Savings Program, powered by ScriptSave WellRx Premier! The equalityMD Prescription Savings Program:

  1. Delivers prescription discounts on brand-name and generic medications
  2. Provides medication management and adherence tools
  3. Offers nutrition guidance

With our Prescription Discount Card, you can save up to 80% on prescription medications for yourself, your loved ones, AND your pets! Take control of your prescription medication management and #SaveWithPride

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There is no enrollment fee or ongoing monthly fees. Once you sign up, you can start saving money instantly at more than 65,000 participating pharmacies nationwide.

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Save money with the equalityMD Prescription Savings Card as often as you like! There are no limits on how much money you can save! Also, the card never expires! Start saving money on prescriptions for you, your loved ones, AND your pets TODAY! 

Cheaper Than Insurance Copay?!?

Compare the price you’d pay for a prescription using the equalityMD Prescription Savings Card with the price of your insurance company’s copay. Many people choose to not use their insurance plan because they save more money using their equalityMD Prescription Savings Card!

Dedicated Call Center

You have access to live assistance by phone, email, or website. We can help with locating a pharmacy, medication pricing, program features, and more.


Simply present your equalityMD Prescription Savings Card to pharmacy staff along with your prescription. The pharmacist will tell you how much your prescription will cost using 1) Your insurance plan, and 2) Your equalityMD Prescription Savings Card. Pick the lowest price and go home happy!

Visit to price your medication and locate a pharmacy

 Average savings of 65% with potential savings of 80% or more*

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Also, check our savings and guidance for your pets and groceries by downloading the free ScriptSave WellRx Premier app. Use Invite Code/Group# 4751 when prompted.