My body and I take care of each other.

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I am lucky to be alive. That knowledge propels me forward each day. I want to work hard, play harder, and live life to the fullest. In order to do all of these things, I take good care of my body. After all, my body takes great care of me. 

I recognize that the more closely I pay attention to my body, the better my body sees me through challenging times. Considering everything my body does for me, taking special care to exercise regularly, eat right, and get enough sleep seem like a small price to pay.

I am thankful for everything my skin does for me. My skin is tough enough to keep out bacteria and viruses yet soft enough to make my body appear supple, smooth and healthy. My skin is strong but also pretty, and I am grateful for both attributes.

I am also appreciative that I can physically do whatever I choose. 

When I drop something on the floor, I can easily bend over to pick it up. Sometimes, I want to perform hard physical labor like washing the car or scrubbing the sidewalks. I can do those things, thanks to the strength and flexibility of my body.


Today, I am grateful for how much my body takes care of me. I plan to continue to provide the very best care and nourishment for my body that I can.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Do I take care of my body so that it will function well?
  2. If not, what sorts of things prevent me from taking good care of myself?
  3. How can I ensure that I will strive to take better care of my body?


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